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Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Yui Goodbye Days


  1. cool lagu ni, cuma tak faham, andai ada lyric atau subtitle okey gak ni.

  2. ermmm...ni translate tuk lg nie...:)

    So now, I’m going to meet you
    that’s what I’ve decided
    this song in my pocket
    I want you to hear it

    softly raising the volume
    I’ve already tried and made sure

    oh Good-bye days, now
    there’s a feeling of change
    up until yesterday, so long
    because there’s an uncool kindness beside me
    ~with you

    I hand the other earphone to you
    it flows slowly
    this moment

    are you loving well?
    even though you lose your way sometimes

    oh Good-bye days, now
    the heart that started to change, alright
    because there’s an uncool kindness beside me
    ~with you

    if possible, I’d want to
    not think any sad thoughts
    but you’ll show up, right?
    that time, with a smile
    even if you could say something like,
    “Yeah hello!! my friend”
    that’d be nice

    when we’re humming the same song
    be next to me, I wish
    I’m glad I met
    an uncool kindness

    …goodbye days