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Wednesday, November 21, 2012


Raneen Haddad, 19 years old

"The Israelis bombed an empty piece of land next to our living room window last night. It lit up the entire house. It was so loud that I felt like the bomb landed on top of us. I heard the shattering of windows and all of our things crashing to the floor. But I couldn't do anything. I couldn't even leave the room where we were hiding.

"We are not the only ones. Every single person living in Gaza is suffering the same fate. In my opinion, acts such as these are the most heinous, hateful acts one could ever commit against their own species.
In three days, there have been more than 900 airstrikes. The death toll among Palestinians is a hundred times that of the Israelis. Should I tell you what the Gazans feel when they hear the sound of Israeli rockets? The fear in the children's hearts? What about the helplessness of our parents to protect us?

"We Palestinians are not terrorists; we are resisting against the Israeli occupation. If someone took your land by force, and systematically controlled your entire community with walls and checkpoints, destroyed your universities, sewage systems and economy, what would you do?

Gambar: rumah keluarga dalou yang diserang pihak israel mengakibatkan 9 ahli keluarga dalou syahid.

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